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Collaro Ltd.

There are two lots of Collaro spring motors. Ones advertised in 1925 and the other lot advertised in 1930. Unlike Garrard who produced a plethora of motors, Collaro produced three basic designs and fitting them with either a single or double springs.

What distinguished them apart is their quality and the one piece frame. The frame seems to be cast in two pieces but then is fused at the factory. This meant that all motors parts could be individually removed or replaced without interfering with the rest of the parts. This feature also made Collaro motors cheaper to manufacture and being made in Britain also made them very popular and competitive with their imported rivals.

  • Dates are subjective and are taken from advertisement and dated catalogues. It does however seem possible that the motors were names by the year they were released.
  • Spring sizes and information is taken from an October 1954 Vulcan mainsprings catalogue re-printed in Talking Machine Review 22. It can be downloaded here at Spring ends are pictured below. Other spring manufacturers like EMO and Selecta have varying lengths for the same motor
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