Garrard 20: (17/- 1930)-(£2. 9s. 11d in mid-1930’s)-(£2. 12s. 5d in late 1930’s)-(£3. 1s. 0d + £1. 7s. 0d tax in 1953)-(£3. 9s. 3d + £1. 2s. 7d tax in 1954)

  • One of the first mass-produced low-price motors. It was used extensively in portable gramophones made by many makers. In production for more than three decades. It was made for Columbia, Decca, Sonora, Brunswick and many more
  • Single spring
  • Enamelled cast iron frame
  • 10” plush covered turntable
  • Picture of a custom cast Decca / Garrard 20. Note the off-set winder. Picture courtesy of Christopher Proudfoot
Model Date Frame Governor Features Spring # Width x Thickness Spring Length Outer End Inner End
Garrard 20 1930 Cast with pressed steel plate Garrard patented with Twist control First mass produced spring motor Single 3/4” x 0.025" 8' 6" Pear Hole

Garrard 20A:

  • As the Garrard 20 but supplied with nine position autostop and steel, unit mounting place.
  • Advertisment from Handicrafts 1933, courtesy of Christopher Proudfoot

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