Garrard 401. Transcription Turntable

Garrard 401: 1964-1977.

  • 1967: £25. 9s. 7d + £4. 11s. 2d tax
  • 1968: £25. 9s. 7d + £6. 4s. 7d tax
  • 1970: £25.48 + £6.23 tax
  • 1971: £31.88 + £6.38 tax

In 1965, Garrard launched the 401 to replace the 301. It was basically the same as the 301 with a few improvements but built into a new chassis styled by Eric Marshall. Ahead of its time, it has a distinct 1970’s look about it with its metallic charcoal finish and chrome details. The motor had increased shielding to allow it to be used with more sensitive cartridges. By 1977, approximately 74,000 units had been sold.

By all accounts, the 401 is a better turntable than the 301 but the classic design of the 301 makes it more collectable and therefore demanding a higher price. The 401 is usually a solid bargain.

Here is a site to date your 301 or 401 by it's serial number: Garrard 301/401 serial number decoder

Changes to the 401:

    • Early models had a flat strobe light with a push button switch on the speed regulator knob
    • Later models had raised strobe light
    • Last models had a one piece facia