Garrard A.C.6: (1933. £2. 2s. 6d.),(Price late 1930's-£4. 5s. 9d), (Price 1953-£5. 1s. 6d + £2. 5s. 0d Tax). Induction type. The Garrard AC6 became the most popular electric motor produced by Garrard. It was used by the majority of radio-gramophone manufacturers and was still in production at least into the late 1950's.

  • As A.C.4 but with zinc-base, diecast case
  • 4 pole -2 coil stator
  • Mounted on Florentine bronze motor plate
  • 12” plush-covered turntable
  • Fully automatic start & stop switch
  • This motor found in my "Sloping-lid" E.M.G C.1936 replacing the Collaro D30