The Garrard R.C.1: 1932-34 £10. (The very first Garrard Record Changer).

The prototype was conceived and constructed by E.W.Mortimer at home. It was improved by the Garrard team of Arthur Sutton, draughtsman, and engineers; Fred Carrier, Henry Whettam, Owen Venton. H.V.Slade and E.W.Mortimer.

It was soon in production as the Garrard R.C.1. Over 24,000 of the series were sold

  • Played 8 records. 12” or 10”
  • Auto stop after 8 records
  • Repeat & Reject switch
  • Fitted with a Garrard 202a motor

The Garrard R.C.1A:

  • As above
  • Played 8 records. 12” or 10” mixed in any order

The Garrard R.C.2 & Garrard R.C.2A:

  • As above
  • Fitted with AC/DC motor(Garrard U-5). A lot of the U.K. was still running on DC power, including the Garrard factory.
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