In 1928, Garrard employed an electrical engineer, Stuart Philpott. Philpott along with an assistant, Edmund Walter Mortimer were given the task of designing an electrically driven gramophone motor. Most households in the UK still did not have electricity and the ones that did had no standard supply. In fact the Garrard factory in Swindon still had DC power. The new motor had to have a "Universal" power supply. The very first such motor was the Garrard E. It worked on DC 50 to 250V and also AC 110v to 250v at 25 to 60 hertz.

Garrard E: 1929. The first Garrard Electric Motor

The Garrard E was mainly a prototype model used for promotion. It's enamelled cast iron body and heavily chromed pressed steel base making it unviable for production. Here is an excellent detailed page on the first Garrard Electric Motor, on Norman Field's website. Also a video here.

Garrard ED / The Garrard Universal Motor: 1929. (£5. 15s. 0d).